walk on

A friend of mine recently quoted me on a social media network. Wow!

As human beings, we can only move forward with lessons learned or not.

In writing to my friend, I was inspired by Sifu Bruce Lee’s famous “Walk on” quote and wanted to share that in context. In walking on, I’ve discovered if I am on holiday for two weeks and have not done my mobility/strength routines, I am creaky and stiff. Lesson learned, especially for this middle aged fool. However, when we were at the beach, I took advantage of wave jumping with the heavy surf. That did knock me down on me bum literally and figuratively. Two days of wave jumping did not make up for the rest of the holiday. I did stick to my basic eating plan of veg and lean protein with the occasional treat.

The wave jumping aspect has me wanting to build a plyometric jump box. I figure with a sand bag, it could get interesting.


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